We had our air conditioner replaced by this company and it was really an outstanding experience from beginning to end. The pricing also was very reasonable and we were very pleased with their high level of services. Would recommend them highly enough.  

Geof Patrick  

Great price and convenient AC repair services. I found the technician from this company to be energetic, courteous and intelligent, indeed as good a tradesman as I have encountered anywhere.

Vlado Harry

We chose this AC repair company based on their reviews, prices and reference check. The technician was an expert installer taking great pride in his job. I couldn’t be happier than this with our new and extremely efficient unit. I’ll continue using this company for all my AC needs and recommend them highly.

Joana Wilson

Called this company when I had an issue with my AC. They were fast to respond and fix the appointment. I could not be more happy with their services. What a great AC company to work with.

Tony Kinderson

I called this company, they came on the next day. The technician quickly found that it was capacitor that was bad. He quickly replaced it and then got our air conditioner working again.  The total bill also was very reasonable!

Salena Charles

Great service from this AC company.  We chose this company to install an air conditioner in our home.  Compared to 2 other quotes, their quote was extremely reasonable.  When they arrived for a quote, seemed as if they took more time to know what was required.  Work done u to the mark. Great guys.

Peter Lee

They were extremely professional on arrival, got mats to protect our floor and finished the work efficiently and successfully.  These guys were very professional and friendly and fixed the things for us swiftly.

Andrew Evans

Overall, an excellent experience with this air conditioner company and I’d recommend them to all my family and friends! They are my go to air conditioner company and I will hire them only for all my air conditioner needs, big or small.  

Fred Vyus

These guys are overwhelming.  My parents required a new air conditioner, s I looked online and found this company. They were very professional and friendly. I did not had to wait to get their services as they were very quick to come and do the installation work. Love you guys and thanks a lot.    

Vinny Carter

This company deserves 5 star from me. They did a wonderful job on installation of my air conditioner. They were very nice, knowledgeable and highly professional. I'm going to call them only for my future AC needs.    

      Tissa Brown